Rolando “McCan’t” McClain’s career is another Raider big name draft “BUST!”

Rolando McClain is GARBAGE!!! Simple and plain. I don’t think he wants to play football in Oakland. I’ll put him in the JaMarcus Russell class of Raider first-round draft busts. He couldn’t tackle his own mother in a phone booth with help. He’s not the “run stopper” everyone thought he was coming out of college. (Run stopper? Really?) He lacks that “elite” instinctive football anticipation, constantly tackling the ball carrier five or six yards down the field or taking bad angles on tackles. (If he makes the tackle at all!) He’s semi-decent in pass coverage, but the Raiders didn’t draft him to be “semi-decent” with the eighth overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.

He was drafted to be the cornerstone of the Raiders defense for the next 20 years. Here’s guy who was so dominant in his college career at the University of Alabama, and he looked like a true beast at the NFL combines. He was supposed to be Oakland’s version of San Francisco 49er Patrick Willis, ( Now there’s an NFL middle linebacker.) who to me is perhaps the best (currently) at his position in football. He’s not a playmaker. The guy CANNOT play the RUN, or is scared too! He needs to get in that hole and hit those running backs so hard that he’ll force a fumble, (0 forced fumbles to this point in his career) make the tackle or scare them to death. ( In the backfield hopefully.)  He’s always over running the plays, unable to get off blocks or arriving to plays late to jump on the pile and act like he did something.

Don’t believe me? Watch him for a full game as I have for two hard to watch seasons. He’s also a distraction to the team with his off-field antics (Last years gun incident that he is scheduled to serve jail time over after the season ends.) He’s not worth the contract his name is on. Trade him now. Maybe we can get a 6th round pick for him. (Ok a 7th rounder!) Just watch him yourself. You be the judge. When is the last time you saw a starting, (First round draft choice mind you) middle linebacker play a whole game ( And I do mean whole game) and get only 1 tackle!!! He’s a prime example of why the Raiders are what everybody around the league thinks they are. SORRY!!! He’s gotta go! NOW!!! Remember defense wins championships. Right now the Raiders defense is something you wanna forget.


“Real” Referees feel vindicated as NFL’s replacement refs finally blow a game.

They literally blew it! It had to happen sooner or later. Lets just all be happy it happened sooner. (Not soon enough for most fans. Ask Las Vegas! They lost 300 million!) That the shameful NFL’s owners and the commissioners cheaper, not properly trained, bush league versions of so-called “game ready” referees would blow several calls and possibly one of the most controversial calls ever made (Before a national tv audience too. How ironic?) and cost a team a big win in a game they should have won. The hometown Seattle Seahawks were “given” a much maligned victory Monday night against the mighty Green Bay Packers, in a game that (believe it or not) ultimately forced the league to end the lockout, finalize contract talks and sign an eight year deal with the “REAL” ref’s. This whole debacle has left the commish and owners looking real bad. And “REAL” cheap too!

This whole fiasco didn’t even have to happen. The speed in which the settlement was reached after Monday’s disaster, clearly shows that the league had the resources to prevent this. They chose to be cheap. So why didn’t they weeks ago just sign a new agreement with the refs, go have a beer and wait for the season to start. Right? No. They chose to stand their ground and show their power. Prove to the refs that they were still the big brothers on the block and that they hold all the keys to this car that they call NFL football, and make them sign this agreement. Well if the players are the gas? Then the refs have gotta be the tires at least?! They proved their true worth by (funny as hell!) doing nothing at all! They stayed home and watched as the NFL put retreads on a Ferrari and had hopes that it could still run smoothly at a cool 200 mph. They sat back and had that beer I spoke of earlier and watched as it lost traction in a turn and crashed in a smoldering heap of twisted metal! (And at our expense mind you) Proving that without them their car will never EVER roll smoothly.  

You may not have noticed but things haven’t been going too well for Mr. Godell and his cohorts lately. The New Orleans Bountygate situation still stings and the way it’s been handled hasn’t been a slam dunk endorsement of the leagues decision-making skills. There is still some serious tension from it around country amongst the players and the fans about that ongoing silliness. Also lets not forget last years long drawn-out  NLFPA negotiations and lockout that lead to a loss of training camps.(The NFL likes to lock people out!) Godell’s popularity is falling faster than Facebook stock. He needs a new publicist quick.

Well the refs returned Thursday night in Baltimore to rousing cheers and applause. Even the Raven’s sure to be Hall of Fame middle linebacker Ray Lewis gave them special pre-game welcome back hugs to show how much he and his fellow players felt about having them return. This will go on at every stadium around the country for a few weeks (or until they call a penalty on your team. lol!) and all is right with the world again. Godell vowed to put the best product that he could on the field every game. Every week. He owes it to every single fan who spends their “hard-earned” dollars on anything that says NFL! Roger my man, you’ve been slippin’. Time to tighten up ya’ game. It’s not too late. You deserve a second chance. But just remember, “We don’t forget!”.

 Now the NFL’s Ferrari has it racing tires back, and all its parts are precision tuned like a fine Swiss watch. Ladies and gentlemen start your engines. It’s time for some “REAL” football!

Can Bynum take Philly back to NBA’s “Promised Land”?

All hail Andrew Bynum! Philadelphia’s newly acquired, franchise player is ready to join basketball’s elite and take the 76er’s back to heights known only during the Dr.J, Allen Iverson days. The super-talented but often misunderstood, young center is finally happy, healthy and primed to take his “new look”  young Sixer teammates deep into the playoffs for years to come and hopefully conjure up memories of NBA Champion and legend Moses Malone, the last center to lead them to an NBA Championship.

Thought by many to be the second best center in the pro basketball (Behind that other guy in L.A. But we won’t talk about him now.), Bynum’s arrival changes the power rankings in the Eastern Conference. With the team already being a playoff contender and despite the loss of Andre Iguodala’s leadership and his outstanding defensive abilities, Bynum’s scoring ability, rebounding and shot blocking skills more than replace and make up for the trading of Iggy. They also added Dorrell Wright, NBA 2011 3pt shooting champion and Jason Richardson a proven scorer and former NBA Slam Dunk Champion to the roster. All three add veteran leadership and more of an offensive punch that was sorely missed by the team in last years playoffs. Miami is still the king, but they are quite weary of the new prince on the block. Boston can just move aside.

Not since the days of Dr.J, Moses, Bobby Jones and Andrew Toney has the city or the fans been this excited about Sixer basketball. The Kid (as i’ll call him) is the real deal! He has the pedigree (2 time NBA Champ), He can score (he’s scored 50 pts in a NBA game). Rebound (career high 30 in a single game). Play defense ( had 10 blocks in a single NBA game). He does it all.The city already loves him. He belongs to them now. They should protect him. To me he is just a giant kid who needs some serious male guidance by someone who TRULY cares about Andrew Bynum. He’s still just 25 (c’mon now)!  All he has to do now is find himself a good, solid mentor. Someone older who can guide him down the right paths. Allow him to reach his true potential and lead his young team, his city and it’s fans back atop basketball’s promised land. Can you do it Andrew? Get it together my brotha!  I wish you well on your long journey.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Who’s in and who’s not?


Hello sport fans! It’s time for football again! Hooray! The playing of last weekends Hall of Fame game between the New Orleans Saints and the Arizona Cardinals, symbolizes the official start of a new season. The game is not only played to showcase some of the NFL’s finest the world, but to celebrate and honor this years cherished class of inductees into the hallowed halls of football immortality.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is the garage that every NFL player who ever put on shoulder pads and a jersey want’s to park his car in at the end of his playing career. Built in 1963 and proudly located in Canton, Ohio, the Hall stands tall for all to see. A monument filled with an elite group of men who have performed and displayed such a high level of excellence and skill on the football field, that they’ve earned the ultimate respect of their peers and the right to be called ” all-time greats”.

Over 23.000 players have played in the NFL since it’s inception in 1920. Back then it was known as the American Professional Football Association and adopted to the current name in 1922. Yet there are only 267 members. Therein lies the problem? A league of this size has so many great ones that there is bound to be some players left out wondering “why not me?” or “when will I be inducted?”. And I agree with them.

So what is it that separates the “Elite 267” from the rest? Most of the time its their career ending numbers or where they rank amongst the top ten players at their position that gets them selected. Sometimes it can be the number of championships a player has won or how a he performed at key moments during big games throughout their career. But there are some players in the Hall who don’t have the best numbers. They are in because of their popularity among the fans and writers. They may have played on some great teams and they receive recognition for that. The fans and the writers pick who go into the Hall and most of the time they do a decent job. But still some of the leagues greatest have been mysteriously overlooked, and anxiously await the day that they will be acknowledged with such an honor.

There are so many great players left out of the Hall whom I feel ( And I’m sure they feel the same way!) should already be wearing one of those honorary yellow jackets. Here are a couple of my favorites. Kenny Stabler, Quarterback, two-time All Pro, four-time Pro Bowler, 1974 NFL MVP and Super Bowl Champion. Cliff Branch, wide receiver, three-time Super Bowl Champion, four-time All Pro and a four-time Pro Bowler. Art Monk, three-time Super Bowl Champion, two-time All Pro, three-time Pro Bowler. And punter Ray Guy, possibly the most over-looked player not to be enshrined in the history of the NFL. Maybe the greatest special team player ever, Guy was a six-time All Pro, seven-time Pro Bowler and three-time world champion with the Oakland/ Los Angeles Raiders. His punts were so high that they would almost leave the stadium. He was a beast at his position. He never had a punt returned for a touchdown against him in his career. And he was a tackling machine! Not only that.There isn’t even one player from his position elected to the Hall! Bet’cha didn’t know that one huh?

NFL football players are some of the most finely tuned athletes in the  world, Their skills are so evenly matched that they are often separated by a few hundredths of a second or by one or two repetitions. Their records and accomplishments on the field often mirror each others. Some may have a few more yards rushing or receiving. Some may have a couple more sacks or interceptions. But stats don’t always tell the whole story.

The great players I mentioned above along with so many others are who I call the game changers! Players whose performance and accomplishments on the field merit induction or at least major consideration. Who are your game changers? Which player or players do you feel have all the credentials but has been passed over and left to admire the Hall from behind the ropes like us regular folks. Not the card-carrying member that they should be. Maybe we can start a grass root movement around the league and get your favorite player elected to footballs crown jewel? So tell a friend and drop me a line. Let us know what you have to say. We wanna know whats deep inside your sports mind?

Welcome to Deep Inside Sports

Greetings to sports lovers from around the globe! This is the very first addition of Deep Inside Sports and we are honored to share with you our views on all thats going on in the sports world past, present and future. We hope to stimulate you, your opinions and responses with a crisp, exciting writng style that will have you saying to yourself, ” I always wanted to know that?”.

I know there’s a ton of sports media and blogs out there already, bringing you all kinds of stuff 24/7. But I wrote this blog because I want be different from them. I want to make it personal. I LOVE sports! Alot of the people I’ve met over the years have told me that I am pretty good with stats and have a unique, informative opinion on the in’s and out’s of sports. I just wanted to see if there are other people out there who share my passion to find that obscure stat or question that often makes you scratch your head. Together we can find the answers.

In the days and hopefully years to come, I will always continue to bring you content that is exciting, startling, enlightening as well as insightful for your reading pleasure. I’ll always be open and honest, ready to debate or discuss any sports related topic.( And there are lots) So don’t hesitate to let me know what your thinking. Remember Deep Inside Sports was made for you. Make it yours!

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